With the myriad "whitening" products on the market, we are asked all the time, "What works?" Ultradent has been the industry standard in tooth whitening since the 1980's and is the only system Dr. Salinas works with.

Très White

Trè'swhite is an innovative pre-loaded whitening tray system that requires no impressions. Suitable for lightly stained teeth, younger patients or for a "touch-up", Tre'swhite's thick gel adheres to the tooth surface quick bleaching in only 60 minutes a day, for 5-10 days.

Tres WhiteOpalescene

Opalescence gel is placed in custom fitted bleaching trays made by Dr.Salinas' office.  The sticky gel is held inimately in place with the custom trays, allowing the carbamine peroxide to break down and oxygen to enter and bleach the teeth while you sleep.